Hearings & Proceedings


Hearings & Proceedings

A proceeding means a matter brought before the AER by application, by request for a regulatory appeal, by the AER on its own initiative, or at the request of the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

Most proceedings conducted by the AER are hearings about applications.

Information about the number and types of AER hearings can be found in the AER Annual Hearing Summary.

AER hearings are conducted by a panel of one or more hearing commissioners. This is decided on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the specific facts and circumstances of each application in addition to any statements of concern received. Parties that would like the AER to consider whether their rights might be directly and adversely affected by an application must file a statement of concern about the application.

The timeline for hearings will vary. Prior to a hearing, the AER will issue a notice of hearing. A notice of hearing provides information about the application, the location and schedule of the hearing, directions to finding information about the application, and instructions on making submissions for consideration at the hearing.

Once AER hearings are scheduled, they are open to the public to observe, but not everyone can participate. If you wish to participate in a hearing, you must make a submission to the AER in advance of the scheduled hearing; submissions received after deadlines are not likely to be considered. The AER will consider your request and decide how you will participate depending on your submission and the details of the application. If no submissions are received, the hearing could be cancelled.

The Alberta Energy Regulator Rules of Practice provides directions for AER hearings and explains how and what must be done before, during, and after a hearing. The AER expects all parties to be familiar with the Rules of Practice prior to arriving at the hearing.

AER hearing coordinators are available to assist parties in understanding and engaging in the AER’s hearing process; a coordinator’s contact information is provided in the notice of hearing.
More information on the AER hearing process can be found on the following pages of the AER website:

EnerFAQs: Having Your Say at an AER Hearing – This document explains the AER hearing process.

Current Hearing Schedule (updated every Friday)